1 what is veganvegetable.com

We are a New York based company which supplies, 100 percent quality vegan meals.

2 What is the minimum price per order?


3 How much is shipping?

Refer to our shipping guide on our Shipping Page Shipping

4 How do the meals stay fresh in shipping?

We ship every order vacuum sealed bags with dry ice, to ensure each meal is fresh upon delivery.

5 How long will each delivery take?

We ship 2 day mail through fed ex or UPS as long as you are in the USA (a 40 dollar surcharge will be added for Hawaii and Alaska).

6 Will the meals be frozen when they arrive to me?

The meals will be cool at the time of arrival. Since there are no meats in the meals, we just need to make sure the meals are 40 degrees or below.

7 Where do I put the meals once they arrive?

You can put the meals in the refrigerator if you plan on eating them within the next week though if you are not sure when you will eat them, then put them in the freezer.

8 How much room in the freezer would it take up?

This should take up about 1 cubic foot but it varies based on your order

9 How many calories are in each meal?

Please check with our website and the product information for full details on each meal.

10 How should I reheat the meal?

Each person has their preference. Some people like to use the oven or stove for the best taste though you can also use the microwave.

11 Do I heat the meal in the bag it comes in?

No, take the meal out of the bag completely and heat the meal on either a plate or a pan.

12 I have allergies, how do I know I will not have an allergy attack by eating your food?

Some of our meals contain- products which are allergens and we put this on our label. Each meal should be reviewed by the label to ensure you do not have any meals which contain allergens that you are allergenic to.